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Our Story

Moxie Basketball Training and Competitive Teams
Jessica Parks

Our story isn't really unique.  We each have kids who participate in multiple sports and activities.  We both spend most evenings and weekends dividing and conquering with our spouses to get our kids to their practices, games and tournaments. And if we didn't have enough going on, we partnered up to coach our girl's basketball team.  


It was in the midst of all this chaos that MOXIE HOOPS was born. It was nearly impossible for our girls to get any basketball training or games in outside of their basketball season.  AAU or other basketball clubs weren't the answer because we couldn't commit the time.  In season sports take priority!  It was extremely difficult to get the regular season team together because everyone else had just as crazy schedules as we did.  What we needed was a large pool of quality players to increase the odds that on any given weekend we could get enough players together to go and compete.  So, that is exactly what we started working towards!  We currently have a growing roster of "A" level, 5th-6th grade talent that allows us to go play competitively around our busy schedules.  In addition to growing our current roster, we would LOVE to add more grade levels.














Moxie Basketball Training and Competitive Teams

MOXIE  HOOPS isn't all about tournaments!  We are also committed to helping ALL players improve their skills and build their confidence.  Beginning April 2024, we will offer 1 hour of professionally led, weekly skills training open to any players in grades 4th-8th…not just girls and not just MOXIE players!    


Our main goal is to help ALL players become more skilled, more confident and grow to LOVE this game just as we do.

See you on the court!

Jessica & Kevin



Moxie Basketball Training and Competitive Teams
Kevin Schram
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